Tuesday, 15 January 2013

this is flash player working on my phone and my friend phone.first download this:
root explorer(I don't know about rom tool) 4share
flash  player 11 4share
when download done install root explorer.extract flash.zip file, you will see 2 file, install apk file but don't open.extract file zip lib_flashplayer...zip you will see file lib.
now get in root explorer turn mode to mount as r/o(if you don't do this,when you reset your phone all data will be lost).
go to data/data/com.adobe.flashplayer.inside you will see the lib file,delete it.
now copy the lib folder you just extract to data/data/com.adobe.flashplayer.
hold libflashplayer.so a few second choose permisson do like picture below.
next to libstagefright_froyo.so do as above
then lib folder too
last is com.adobe.flashplayer.
when do like below picture done if you using internet browser(default samsung browser)go to setting enable javascript enable plugin alway on.enjoy
                                                                permisson libflashplayer.so
                                                               permisson libstagefright_froyo.so
                                                                     permisson lib folder
                                                     permisson com.adobe.flashplayer folder

This is prove I watch thisismystory.com by my phone, if you don't have flash on your phone you can't watch it


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  2. did everything u said , another waste of time and a useless f app, flash has never worked since it closed down and never will again, f knows why, people depend on it all the time in FB etc

    1. Hey, I test on 3 phone, it all work

    2. This flash can watch movie online ,play web game(if have keyboard) and I never post anything didn't work in this blog. I swear

  3. Will it work on stock rom?

    1. Yeah I have rooted it already. I just wanna have an assurance if it really work or not on stock. Cause I read that it only work on Custom roms.thanks for the reply. Hope it works on mine

    2. To be hornest with you, I never test on stock rom because the battery of stock rom is die so early.but on the other forum it told that it can work on stock dxlf2

    3. Did you mean that flashing a custom ROM improves your battery life ?

      please help me

  4. It works pe perfectly!!! you are awrsooome!

  5. you post a FLASH PLAYER FOR GALAXY POCKET and WORKING FLASH PLAYER which one is working without bug or problem?

  6. Invisible Perfect Amazing !!!!


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