Thursday, 10 January 2013

Dungeon and Knight plus is a 3D RPG game and it is developed by PlayBean CO LTD. its a good
RPG to play its a freemium game but its uploaded as a premium game in google play and also they
have given some 3000 GOLD Coins to complete game easily.
      Graphics are okay but gameplay is cool,this game is supported in All android phones.If you are a RPG lover then will be best for you.The dark moon night.
While chasing unknown group of enemies,accidentally entered DarkStar temple.There’s no way to escape. There’s only way to the
top of tower with answer.
Requires Android:2.1 and Up

Download Links:Link here

Open the game offline,when it asks to connect to internet for verify license then tap on yes and its play the game online or offlinewhatever you like.



  1. ousmmm i Love rpg games specially offline ones !! ty !!

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