Tuesday, 30 April 2013


This unique app, called Swipe ‘n’ Share, allows the user to transfer data from one phone to another using Wi-Fi. The transfer speed is super fast. Its so easy and there is no need to pay the data charges.
The app works with Android version 2.3.x and over. The app makes use of the Wi-Fi network and connects the two handsets that need to be within the Wi-Fi range. The transfer takes place directly over the Wi-Fi and it’s very fast.

First download the app
Extract the zip
Install it as we do with any other android app.

The app needs to be installed on both the handsets. Once done open the flash transfer app (on both the handsets) and create connection (from one handset). Accept the request (on another handset) and start sharing your files. You can also create a group and transfer data simultaneously (up to 8 friends at a time). You can use swipe to transfer,  share to transfer or simply click.

Sibin Fransis  (Info)

Monday, 29 April 2013

S5300XXLF5 stockFIRMWARE if you are already in XXLF5 firmware you can directly install this Rom via CMW,otherwise go back to stock firmware via odin
PATCH work also on Dark-ROM and JellyMod.
-ADW Version luancher)
-new status bar icon
-new icon Added 14 Toggle QuickPanel/­ StatusBar
-new status wifi/ signal and more icon layout
-Rooted easytouch
-Rooted GameBooster
-Rooted officesuite
-rooted livewallpaper WPCLOCk 2
-GO MMS/SMS (default)
-Custom Boot Animation (Cyanogen)
-Rooted with SuperUser.apk
-battaria pro w/ task killer
-new camera (layout)
-new music (layout)
-new DSP manager
-playStore Updated
-youtube updated
Download Here
1. Off your phone
2. Recovery Mode =hold menu+ hold volume up+ and switch it on. Hold it till it on.
3.Apply update from SD(use Volume as navigation and Menu for select)
4.Select CMW
5.Select Install zip from SD
6.Select Choose zip from SD
7.Finally select Custom ROM and install
8.When its installed complete press back near at Menu pad.
9.Select advanced and select Reboot RECOVERY

Monday, 22 April 2013

Some of you guys might have already used or heard of this rom but for those who have not seen this rom,am sharing it as it it a verry nice one.This ROM was originally created by Sohan Rawat for Galaxy Y,but ported to galaxy pocket by teztaz--v3 of Xda developers,so thanks to both buddies for their work
Features :
* Deodexed
* Zipalign
* Rooted
* BusyBox
* Bash Shell Support
* BusyBox run-parts suppor
* Full Support for Init.d scripts
* Superuser Access; Busybox Support.
Miscellaneous Features :
* Removed some bloatwares = more space
* Msg pop-up (v1 feature)
* System + user app installer
* new Beats Manager for awesome Music
* Smooth scrolling through disabled scrolling cache.
*Adrenaline + kuro tweaks + other tweaks (Droidwall,undervolt etc) = super fast engine
* Net buffer + netforks tweaks = High speed internet
* Original s3 sounds (ringtones etc) + fonts.
* Edt tweaks + battery bar tweaks = More customization
* No frills CPU + CPU SPY
* OTA support = Many more things yet to comes
* Place Remix v2 in the root of your Sdcard
* Reflash to stock ROM through odin .
* Reboot into Cwm recovery
* Wipe data and cache in cwm
* Mount system
* Format system
* Mount system
* Go to"install zip from SD"
* Select "choose zip from SDcard"
* Navigate through the folder where you have saved Remix v2
* Select Remix v2 and flash it,then wait till it finishes.
* Wipe data and cache again in cwm
* Reboot system and you are ok.(Takes about 3minutes to bpot after flashing rom so be patient.)
Credits goes out to the following guys for their good Job on this rom
* evanlocked
* lidroid
* b16h22
* Theawesomeguy4
* revanescence
* CoD.
* ImbaWind
* Kuro
* Droidfolks
* geva28
* abhi922
Miscellaneous Credits & Thanks:
* Suresh9488 for solving firstcall bug.
* Andynroid for Apollo music11
*Sathish.p for helping other members and solving bugs
*Sunitcek for for new awsome screen shots .
Credits For Ported to Galaxy Pocket:
* Sohan Rawat
* Mac Moon
* Reck Agtarap
For more information  about this rom you can check out the original thread on xda here,and before i forget there lots of themes and wallpaper for this rom,So i suggest you check out the thread on xda for more

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

This rom is a port by teztaz--v3 of xda from whitexp's CM for galaxy y.although this is still a work in progress but, there are many people who would like to try this out.For original thread on xda check Here

Monday, 15 April 2013

The much awaited nemensis rom is here on our galaxy pocket finally.This nemensis rom was ported from Galaxy y to Galaxy Pocket by john paul saint,also thanks to worldgalaxypocket
*Smoother Swipe To Remove
*Now with Beats Audio , Alsa Mixer and Beats equalizer ALL IN ONE
*Redefined Framework
*Redefined Settings
*Redefined SystemUI
*Optimized Pngs
*Modified for more Elegant UI

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Help Jake escape from the grumpy Inspector!
DASH as fast as you can!
DODGE the oncoming trains!
Help Jake, Tricky & Fresh escape from the grumpy Inspector and his dog.

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Here comes the ialexander rom for galaxy pocket created and designed by ialexander of xda developers.Here is the original thread on xda developers

-iPhone Theme Launcher(Espier Launcher 2.0.9)
-Assistive Touch(Easy Touch)
-Additional Theme(Chocolate)
-iPhone Locker(Espier Locker)
-iPhone Themed MMS/SMS
-Custom Boot Animation
-Rooted with SuperUser.apk
-Additional Widget(Beautiful Widget)
-Custom Easter Egg
-Minimum Apps
-Better RAM Management
-No SMS Log
-Integrated CWM with vM00's Kernel
-An Interactive Mod
--Especially for the Additional Theme and iLocker
-Optional iPhone Status Bar

Caution The Battery of your Phone's Battery
should have 70% or more
1. Download and copy iAlexander_v1.2b.zip
to the root of your SD Card
2.Turn off and Go to your phone recovery mode POWERBTN+VOL UP+HOME BTN
3.Back Up your Current ROM(for emergency purposes) through backup and restore option
4.Choose Wipe Data/Factory Reset
5.Choose Wipe Cache Partition
6.Choose Install Zip from SDCard
7.Choose iAlexander_v1.2b.zip
8. After installing Reboot Your System!
9. You now have iAlexander v1.2b ROM

Update to iAlex update v1.2f

-Remove some bugs
-Added 14 Toggle QuickPanel/StatusBar

Since this is only an update,you must be using the ialexander 1.2b before trying this.
1.Download iAlex update v1.2f.zip to Your SDCard
2.Turn off and Go Back to your phone recovery mode POWERBTN+VOL UP+HOME
5.Choose Install Zip from SDCard
6.Choose iAlex update v1.2f.zip
7. After installing Reboot Your System!
8.Now your iAlexander ROM is UPDATED!

Enabling Locker
1. Tap on Espier Hub on the Apps
2. Tap on The Plugin for Launcher
3. Swipe the Espier Screeen Locker button to
the right
Enabling The Chocolate Theme
1. Tap on Espier Hub on the Apps
2. Tap on The Theme for Launcher
3. Tap on Chocolate
P.S. You could also download other theme for
Espier Launcher )

-lokeshsaini94 For GUIDEi in making your own ROM
-vM00 for the CWM Recovery
-EspeciallyGeekShivamfor guiding me )
-And Other XDA Developers out there.

Monday, 8 April 2013

HydroPeria V1.1 is an update that addreses some bug with the previous version.
You must be on hydroperia v1.0 before you flash this one thanks

Download Link:
Hydroperia v1.1

* Fixed 3G Signal Loss
* Fixed Edge Mms Bubble
* Fixed End Call Bug
* New Sony Sketch Font
* New Settings Icons
* New Ui Background

HydroPeria v1.0 is a new class of custom rom for galaxy pocket and its designed and  brought to all galaxy pocket users by HydroPeria Dev Team.Thanks to sir William villanueva of xda devoper for this awesome work.Check here for original post on xda

* Added Adrenaline and Universal Tweaks For More Fast And Reliable Speed Of Your Phone
* Added ScreenShot , Reboot , and Recovery options on Power Menu
* Deleted some false options on the rom like the bugged DOWNLOAD MODE OPTION
on Lidroid Restart options , and Power Menu Mod
*Modified the 6 Lockscreen Mod
* Added EDT Tweaks inside so you can manage your statusbar icons
* Added CarrierName.apk so you can rename your Provider name any name you want
* Added No frills CPu for those users who flashes Custom Kernels With different Cpu Speed
* Added Phone Schedules.apk so you can set the task you want to do in automatic way
* Added Swipe To Remove Notification mod
* Stock Samsung Music Player was
Replaced by Walkman Player for more Xperia aura
* And a whole lot more

Download link:
* Hydropedia v1.0

Installation Procedures:
* You can flash this on any firware version without problem
* Reflash your firware via odin
* Reset Factory Settings - This is
* After Media Scanning Completed , Go to RECOVERY MODE
* Then flash the Rom on it (Not cwm,but you can also flash on cwm)
* After Recovery Says, "Complete" , wipe data and cache ..
* Then Restart.

* Prasad Rulzz
* Jed Herce
* Mvsdroid
To Those People Who Did A Good Job
* M.H Mahadi - For theming Dialer and some Pngs
* To the creator of Adrenaline and Universal tweaks
* Lidroid - For toggles and Lockscreen\
* Partyush - for making one big and best guide for 6 lockscreen
* And To The People Who Willingly Wait For This

Thursday, 4 April 2013

This developer is really making sgp users proud. He was the the one who introduced swap support for our galaxy pocket, and now it is overclocking support via his kernel.
Overclocking is a nice feature and very important to low end devices because it helps to increase the processor speed/clock of the device to a higher one,which mean better performance and speed when running applications on the devices.

Monday, 1 April 2013

Evo x3 Rom for galaxy pocket by Matheus Reis of worldgalaxypocket.

- Status bar grid
- Very similar to Blue Jelly
- It comes with new kernel installed
- Very fast
- Very Pretty
Well that's it guys i hope you enjoy this rom.

Download link:
* Evo X3 Rom For Galaxy Pocket

* Download the rom and place it in the root of your sdcard
* Turn your Device off and boot to the  RECOVERY Mode
* Now select "install zip from Sdcard"
* Choose the Evo x3 Rom in your sdcard and flash
* Wait for the rom to install (takes a while because that comes installed with a Kernel)
* Now REBOOT SYSTEM and then you are good to go

A mini patch is available to fix some bugs and the installation
is the same way as the rom.
Just flash it directly fom cwm without wiping data and cache