Tuesday, 30 April 2013


This unique app, called Swipe ‘n’ Share, allows the user to transfer data from one phone to another using Wi-Fi. The transfer speed is super fast. Its so easy and there is no need to pay the data charges.
The app works with Android version 2.3.x and over. The app makes use of the Wi-Fi network and connects the two handsets that need to be within the Wi-Fi range. The transfer takes place directly over the Wi-Fi and it’s very fast.

First download the app
Extract the zip
Install it as we do with any other android app.

The app needs to be installed on both the handsets. Once done open the flash transfer app (on both the handsets) and create connection (from one handset). Accept the request (on another handset) and start sharing your files. You can also create a group and transfer data simultaneously (up to 8 friends at a time). You can use swipe to transfer,  share to transfer or simply click.

Sibin Fransis  (Info)


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  3. Its very interesting post, good job

    Videocon Telecom said that it will offer 750 MB free data for its all its non-data users as an initiative to educate and encourage them to start using data and get digitally connected, taking PM Narendra Modi's vision of Digital India forward.


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