Thursday, 27 September 2012

Chainfire 3d is a very good application especially for galaxy pocket and other low end devices.
CHAINFIRE 3D- Take control of your GPU! Chainfire 3D is an intermediary openGl driver.

What does that mean? It means that CHAINFIRE sits between your apps and the graphics drivers,and intercept or change commands between the two. It has some built in functions and can also further extended with plugins to provide extra functionality

Steps to install chainfire on samsung galaxy pocket.

1 download chainfire 3d pro here

2 open chainfire and look for "cf3d driver" under options.Tap it then look 4 "install cf3d driver and reboot".This will bring a pop up saying your device might not boot up after installation,just press ok and chainfire driver will be installed on your phone.After this, your device will reboot,but if it stuck ,wait for a minute then pull out the battery and power on your device again.

3 Some 3 files in zip format should come along with the chainfire you downloaded earlier,place them anywhere on sd open you chainfire and tap "install plugins/shaders" option, this will scan your entire sd card to look for those zip files i mention earlier.if it finds it then it installs it and you are ready to go. have to be rooted for CHAINFIRE to work properly on your device,also diffrent games may require diffrent chainfire settings to work, always check those setting require from where you download those games.enjoy.

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Hello guys,its been a while since I posted,because I messed my phone up trying to do some funny stuff.I want you guys to be careful in dealing with the Samsung galaxy pocket. For now, we know that full development have not really began and we all want to customise our phone, so we go to similar phone forums to look up tweaks for our phones. In my case I flashed clockwork clock work mod that is not compatible with my phone and I tried partitioning the sdcard and behold my lovely pocket went dead 4ever.with this I have come to a conclusion of waiting patiently for development to begin before you try any custom thing on your phone.There is a good news too there is a custom recovery for galaxy pocket and a custom stock rom available at xda developer . Will post about them in the next article,but if can't wait,you can go ahead to Google and search."galaxy pocket xda" then you will see the post about them.