Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Here i will be sharing full cwm recovery and some custom kernel.
We all know that the previous cwm does not reboot and also restore backup,but here comes the fully working cwm with working reboot and restore options.
The following are list custom kernel available for galaxy pocket.
- Kernelupdate update zip with minimal kernel (Droidwall support + insecure adbd)
- Kernelupdate update zip with (Droidwall, governors, insecure adbd and integrated Clockworkmod Recovery)
- / stock kernel XXLF5 update zip
- Non permanent
Clockworkmod recovery zip
Instructions :
1) Copy the zip files to your sdcard

2) boot your phone into recovery by
holding VOL_UP,POWER and HOME

3) choose apply update from sdcard and select

4) Once your in CWM, select install zip from sdcard

5) Choose zip from sdcard and select the appropriate Kernel update zip.

I will not be resposible for any damage caused from flashing these files on your device,but if you follow instructions you should be fine

Hello,it seems galaxy pocket is now getting the attention of developers.Gone were those times when galaxy pocket have no custom rom at all,but  now we've got quite some numbers of rom for our lovely little galaxy pocket.Today i will be sharing a rom called aspire rom.Thanks to adnanahmad1786 of xda developer for this rom.The rom is built from stock but boast of tangible numbers if features which includes;

1-Base on stock firmware
2-Holo launcher as default launcher
3-Jelly bean locker.
4-Ics icom
5-Remove useless app so as to make the device run faster
6-Added CM7 music player.
7-CM7 Camera
8-Photo widget
9-Galaxy s3 wallpaper
10-Pre rooted.

  Here Is How To Flash It On Your Device.
1-Place the rom v 0.1 into the root of your sd card
2-Boot to recovery mode
3-Click on apply update from your
SD card
4-click on the aspire rom you want flash.
5-wait for it to complete the proccess.
7-Wipe data
8- Wipe the partition
9-Reboot system
Download the rom v 0.1 from here

How to install update(v2)
1 Firstly install apire rom V0.1 2-then install the update through cwm.

2 wipe data and reboot system.
The change logs are listed below

1-New user interface
2-New themes.
Downlod aspire rom update(v2) from here then boot to recovery.

Do this at your own risk as i will not be liable for any damage caused as a result of flashing this rom on your device.

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Today I will be sharing ten great app that you need to get on your sgp.when i say sgp,i mean Samsung galaxy pocket . we all know that sgp is a low end device,and we can't use it for powerful task,but as long as it's an android phone there is always a way out.These apps am about to share will help you push your phone ahead of what it used to be so that you can perform task you never thought possible.Stay relaxed and read through.                           
         Top ten great app on sgp.
1) Super user; You might be wondering if super user is an app or not,anyway,let me put it this way for you,to have super user application on your device you will need to root your device you can check my post on rooting sgp.super user allows you have total control of your device,thereby giving the power to do what ever you.
2) Chainfire 3d; This one of the greatest application you will ever need as a galaxy pocket pocket user who love games.This app sits between your graphic card or gpu and your games.In other words it helps install some graphics drivers on your device,therefore you will be able to play some high end games on your little device.This app requires root access to work on your device.

3) Memory booster; This great apps clears all unused application that uses up memory space on your ram, as a result making the device faster than it was previously.You can choose to clear it at Intervals automatically or by clicking on the quick boost option inside the app.

4) Es explorer; It is one of the many file explorer application that exist for Android devices, but its unique style and look are very much like that of the arranges file in the like and style of endows explorer,and if you are rooted it helps you browse your system files, which on your ordinary file explorer,it is not carefully not to tamper with your system files unless you know very well what you are doing
5) Shoot me; This app requires root access in order to work on your device .Okay this application is great for taking screenshot of your phone.perhaps you want to show someone how your screen looks like, you can take screen shots of your current screen pages and send it to a friend or anyone who needs it. one major feature is that you can set it to take screen shot whenever you shake Your device or make a loud noise,any of these two activities will trigger shoot me to take a screen shot.

6) Titanium backup; This app requires root access also to work.titanium backup backs up any installed applications and all their data into the sdcard making it safe in case you loose the applications, you can always bring them back in if you have previously backup that particular app.not only does it backup apps,it also help to move applications installed on the phone memory to the sdcard, thereby freeing up space In the internal or phone memory.

7) Hide it pro; If you have ever want to hide some of your files so that only you can have access to theme,all you need do is get this application and let it do it the magic for you.It is capable of hiding any file, video, pics and even application, so that only you know there great thing about this app is that,it can disguise as an audio manager so that when people come across it they don't get to know what it is about.This app does not require root access.

8) Tubemate; A very good app for watching and downloading any YouTube videos.yes downloading YouTube Videos at no cost. This app is not on the play store but, you can search for it on Google.

9) Lucky patcher; This one of the coolest app out there . We all. Know that most free app in the market contains lot of ads which in turn makes that app lag most often, and using such app with your data on,is one of the best ways to waste your precious data, especially when you are on an unlimited plan . lucky pachter comes in to help remove such ads a and make your app free on ads it is also used to remove verification on some application.

10) SwiftKey X; This is a custom keyboard that make a whole lot of is one of the best keyboard,if not the best .It works flawlessly by suggesting words to you as you type,it also learn words like slang exclusive to you as type them,so that the next time you want to type that word you only need to start typing and before you even type 3 letters, swift key is going to help you complete the words, making typing very fast and easy especially on a device with as small screen as the galaxy pocket.
You can drop your comments,questions and suggestions below and I will reply you ASAP.

Monday, 22 October 2012

Download the stock firmware here in zip format XXLF5
* Extract zip (it contains *.tar.md5 file)
* Download and Extract Odin (it contains Odin application and *.pit file)
* Mobile should be in USB Debugging mode.
*Go to Download mode (switch off your mobile, then press Vol-down + Home + Power, then Vol-up to continue)
* If Lovely greed android will appear, its in download mode.
* Open Odin Application on PC
* Connect your phone to PC
* Yellow Indication will appear on Odin in first small box,
* Click on PDA and browse downloaded firmware file (*.tar.md5)
* Click on Start (it will take time to finish)
* Done Your phone will be reset, And now you have the stock S5300XXLF5
You can now flash any rom you like.

Note:Select only pda alone.leave others blank.

Hi everyone,I am sharing mak-DROID rom version 2 today. This Rom promises a lot more features than the previous rom.see the change log below
Based on Stock (XXLF5) New Flavor
Pre-Rooted (so no need to root)
Zip aligned
Fast Performance
Custom Boot Animation
Battery Tweak
Internet Tweak
No more adds...
And many more



MAK-DROID v2 - Direct Flash from CWM
No need flash stock firmware from odin.

INSTALLATION GUIDE: (Please follow this carefully
* Copy MAKDROID to your SD card
* Keep in your internal
* Go to recovery mode (Vol-up + Home +
* Choose apply Update from SD card
* Select file
* Wipe data factory reset,
* Wipe Cache data
* Install from SD card
* Choose MAK-DROID and install
* Please wait for installation to complete.
* Go Back> Advance> Reboot Recovery x2
* Done. First boot takes time so, wait until about 4 Min

Download mak-DROID v2
Also download pdroid patch for mak-DROID
You need mak DROID version 1 b4 you flash this to be on the safe side.
Below are the screen shots for the rom

Saturday, 20 October 2012

I am so pleased to announce to you that there is a fully working custom rom for Galaxy pocket . Thanks to androsamace of xda-developer for this wonderful development. This Rom is based on S5300 XXLF5 stock rom (2.3.6), Although it's build from stock rom it boast of very good features.
Some of its features include.
1 zip align
2 Deodexed
3 Fast perfomance
4 pre rooted
5 Busy box
Those are some of what the rom boast of,To have a proper look at the rom, go ahead and flash it right on your device.
Follow the instructions below to install.
1) firstly you have to check your baseband version from settings>>About phone, to see if it is S5300 XXLF5. If it is not S5300XXLF5 then download S5300 XXLF5 stock rom and flash it through odin.

2) If your baseband version matches then skip step 1.

3) Download mak-DROID rom and Cwm recovery for galaxy pocket if you don't already have it, download Cwm recovery for galaxy pocket from here .(cos you need Cwm recovery to flash)

4) Now transfer the downloaded mak-DROID file (it should be in zip format) to the root on your sdcard. make sure you put the downloaded Cwm recovery zip file also to the root of your sdcard.(meaning put the files in sdcard not any folder)

5) switch off your phone and reboot into recovery mode by pressing the power button + home button + volume up button.

6) you should be in recovery mode. Now use your volume key to scroll to"apply updated from sdcard" use the home button to select it to flash Cwm recovery.

7) In Cwm recovery perform a full data wipe then scroll down to "flash zip from sdcard" then select with home button to confirm, Then installation process should begin, wait until installation completes then go back and select advanced settings>>reboot recovery

Note; rebooting your device for the first time after flashing the rom will take about five minute, so be patient while it boot.
If you follow instructions properly you shouldn't have any problem, but if you do feel free to post it here so we can help.
I am in no way responsible for any damage caused as a result of this, do it at your own risk

Here it comes, the long awaited custom recovery for our lovely Samsung galaxy pocket, and I am very happy announcing this to you. All thanks to maroc-os of xda-developer for making this possible . This recovery is still in development so the following options are not working;
1) reboot now
2) restore

    Apart from the options listed above every other thing is working perfectly, also know that this is not a permanent recovery as you will need to flash it any time you want to make use of it because your stock recovery will always come back after using the Cwm recovery.
Below are steps to get cmw installed on your device.

1) Download the Cwm from here

2) Place the zip file you downloaded into the root of your sdcard(meaning do no put the file into any folder just place on your sdcard not external_sd make and sure the file is

3) Now, switch off your phone and reboot into recovery mode by pressing the power button+home button+volume up button together,then you should be in recovery mode by now.

4) In your recovery mode use your volume key to scroll as your screen will not work in this mod and use the home button to select an option.

5) select the "update zip" from sdcard, then you should see the file you downloaded previously, select the file and just like that you have successfully flash Cwm recovery.

    Do this at your own risk as I will not be liable for any damage caused as a result of this.