Saturday, 20 October 2012

I am so pleased to announce to you that there is a fully working custom rom for Galaxy pocket . Thanks to androsamace of xda-developer for this wonderful development. This Rom is based on S5300 XXLF5 stock rom (2.3.6), Although it's build from stock rom it boast of very good features.
Some of its features include.
1 zip align
2 Deodexed
3 Fast perfomance
4 pre rooted
5 Busy box
Those are some of what the rom boast of,To have a proper look at the rom, go ahead and flash it right on your device.
Follow the instructions below to install.
1) firstly you have to check your baseband version from settings>>About phone, to see if it is S5300 XXLF5. If it is not S5300XXLF5 then download S5300 XXLF5 stock rom and flash it through odin.

2) If your baseband version matches then skip step 1.

3) Download mak-DROID rom and Cwm recovery for galaxy pocket if you don't already have it, download Cwm recovery for galaxy pocket from here .(cos you need Cwm recovery to flash)

4) Now transfer the downloaded mak-DROID file (it should be in zip format) to the root on your sdcard. make sure you put the downloaded Cwm recovery zip file also to the root of your sdcard.(meaning put the files in sdcard not any folder)

5) switch off your phone and reboot into recovery mode by pressing the power button + home button + volume up button.

6) you should be in recovery mode. Now use your volume key to scroll to"apply updated from sdcard" use the home button to select it to flash Cwm recovery.

7) In Cwm recovery perform a full data wipe then scroll down to "flash zip from sdcard" then select with home button to confirm, Then installation process should begin, wait until installation completes then go back and select advanced settings>>reboot recovery

Note; rebooting your device for the first time after flashing the rom will take about five minute, so be patient while it boot.
If you follow instructions properly you shouldn't have any problem, but if you do feel free to post it here so we can help.
I am in no way responsible for any damage caused as a result of this, do it at your own risk


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  2. Also, both links are invalid: Mediafire says file is private and xda-developers says Invalid attachment

    1. if you wipe data you will lose your make back up of your apps or make.nandroid backup.using cwm.pls install makdroid v2 or v3 instead of v1 bcos v2 and v3 is better than v1.

  3. flash saya skarang S5300XXLF1 tapi PDA nya S5300XXFL5 apakah masalah jika menggunakan ini ?

  4. @yogi.Saya sarankan Anda berkedip mak droid 2,

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