Tuesday, 26 March 2013

More locale 2 is a very helpful application for everyone who want other languages apart from the languages available in stock or custom rom. One more nice thing about the app is that it will work both on rooted and uprooted devices. Listed below are the languages that can be added with more locale
* Japanese (Japan)
* Dutch
* Spanish (United States)
* Estonian
* Russian
* English (United Kingdom)
* English (Philippines)
* Polish
* Portuguese (Portugal)
* Greek
* Norwegian bokmal
* Czech
* Indonesian (Indonesia)
* Kazakh
* Korean (South Korea)
* Malay (Malaysia)
* Serbian
* Italian
* Danish
* Icelandic
* Ukranian
* Slovak
* Slovania
* Macedonia
* Bulgarian
* French
* Swedish
* Chinese (Taiwan)
* Finnish
* German
* Thailand (Thailand)
* Irish
* Lithuanian
* Lativian
* English (United States)
* Hungarian
* Turkish
* Vietnamese (Vietnam)
* Romania
* Chinese (China)
* Crotian.

 Now those guys who want any of this language can download this app from Playstore free. To install any language, just open the app and select the language you want and that is all then the media scanner will run to finalize everything . If the language you want is not here sorry, or you can as well ask the developer of this app to add some more language you want

Thursday, 21 March 2013

This maybe the last update for blackstar project,but anyway we can all say we enjoyed the blackstar rom from version 1.I say thank you to this developer yham villanueva
CHANGELOGS: (FROM BlackStar v3.0)
* New Shortcut on Settings.apk
* New textboxs
* Polished StatusbarLatestEvent Panels
* Modified for more black styles ..
* Now comes with Customized Wallpapers.
* And many more
NOTE: this is not finished yet .. but because of leakage , the developer decided to release it
Download link:
* Blackstar Rom v4
* Flash blackstar v1 first if you are not using any blackstar rom presently
* If you are using any backstar rom just flash this directly through cwm recovery
*You may not wipe data in you are already using any blackstar rom before.so your installed applications will remain intact
Here are the screenshots

Do you prefer to have stock rom instead of flashing different Custom Roms? If yes ,you should consider this becuse we all know that stock rom is the best rom in some ways like no bugs and it is very easy to navigate around.
This concept is from a galaxy pocket developer named william villanueva and below are some of the features
A modified SystemUI with:
* 14 toggles enabled (Working Flashlight)
* Centered Date mod.
* Ics Vibration , alarm , and silent mode ,icons
A modified Framework with:
* ICS gradient background for all applications
* Modified Loading icons
* Polished Font Size
* SGSIII stock battery images added (still 20% increment)
A modified Settings with:
* Toggles Shortcut Options Linked
A modified Stock app
Touchwiz30Launcher with:
* Disabled Page Numbering
A modified Dialer with:
* ICS theme
* A modified Mms with:
* 5 Skins Activated
* Modifed Png's inside With modified the icons of this applications:
* You can replace the bootanimation if you want because you can
* Enjoy having the best RAM when you clear it
*With a Storopia font
* Reflash to stock firmware via odin
* Deodex your rom and root it again
* Place vm00 cwm and the stock modification v1.zip in the root of your sdcard
* Boot to recovery mod and select apply update from sdcard,flash the vm00 cwm
* Now your are in vm00cwm wipe data and cache then select install zip from sdcard
* Select choose zip from sdcard,now select the stock modification v1.zip
* Wait untill process complete then wipe data and cache
* Reboot and you are done
Download link:
* Stock Modification v1
If you like stock rom and you want some more modification on stock to mske it better, you can try this and see how good it is.This good job was done by yham vilanueva of the facebook fanpage.
ChangeLogs From version 1
* Polished Statusbar
* SIII look-a-like Lockscreen
* New Sets Of HD Wallpapers on Wallpaper
* Gallery
* New Tones
* Polished Settings.apk
* Now With Statusbar Modification
* New Launcher = (Thanks Avigit and the creators of JB)
* With Rosemary font.. (Original Font Of SIII)
Add-Ons Added ..
* Holo Sliders and ICS
* Proggressbars added ..
And more :)) See it by yourselves .
* Reflash back to stock rom via odin
* Flash the stock rom modification v1
* Now flash this one (Stock rom modification v2) via cwm recovery
* Wipe data and cache
* Reboot and your are done.
Download link
* Stock Modification v2
* S111 icon pack

Monday, 18 March 2013

This is another version of cd-rom and the following below are some of the features.you can check the original thread here
-Pre rooted
-Pre deodexed
-Modified apps
-Ui is combination of
gingerbread, ics and jellybean..
-Removed some bloatwares
-Custom bootanimation
-Ui sounds modified
-15 toggles
-Swipe to remove notification
-Bravia engine
-Sound mod is combination of
beats srs alsa and dolby mobile.
The sound is awesome hear it
yourself to find out..
- modified mms
-mms with enabled skins
-modified some other stuff here
like when the message will become multi media message..
-and number of contacts that you
can send message at a time -etc..
#extended power menu
-with screenshot option and hot
#remapped buttons..
tired of turning on the screen
to skip a song? well with cd rom you can just use the volume buttons,but how do you change the
volume? -well just turn the screen on then use the volume buttons now
volume will change..
#remapped camera app buttons
-you can use power button to take
a picture..
-Power menu will still appear
#built in Chainfire3d
--plugins are included also
-for reduced lag..
#twwallpaper chooser
-added some new wallpapers
#file explorer is mi file explorer
#music player is miui music
#Adrenaline Engine..
#vm00 1.10kernel.. an really
awesome kernel!
-but you can add any kernel you
want just drag it in the zip package and replace the boot.img
Download cd-rom v2
Installation Instructions
please readcarefully
* If you are currenty using a custom rom reflash back to stock rom via odin or restore your stock nandroid backup
* Place the cd rom v2 in the root of your sdcard
* Boot to cwm recovery
* Wipe data and cache
* Select install zip from sdcard and then select choose zip from sdcard
* Select the cd rom you want to flash
* Wait for it to finish installation.. then reboot.."first boot may take up to 10mins so just wait "
5. And thats it! Enjoy your experience with CD- ROM!
Credits Goes To The Following
* _pxD.aa (developer of this rom)
* vM00
* ImbaWind
* lidroid
* lambgx02
* kahvitahra
* On the power menu.. reboot to download mode does not work.. it will only reboot
* Reboot also does not work for now it will only shut the phone off but not fully shut down..
* Whats important is hot reboot
* One last thing incase your status bar gets stuck.. just open settings then choose rom mods tab.. then choose dev tools.. then click on media scanner.. thats it

Hello everyone i have heard a lot of complaint  about touchscreen not working after flashing a rom or a kernel I think i might be able to help here because it did happend to me and the solution that will be provided here was what i used to correct it.Now it is functioning like it used to.

Firstly when your touch screen stops functioning there is more than one reason why it not working.

1) It may be that the touch and digitizer have worn out -  in this case all you can do is change the screen and digitizer.

2) Seconly it may be caused by battery,electricity or some software problem like kernel.

Today am going to focus on the second cause which is the software,electricity and battery issue.This issue sometimes render your touch not working at all while other times it works for few seconds and stop working again.to fix this try the following steps below.

* If you flash a rom or kernel recently before it started having problem,reflash back to another rom or kernel
* After changing the rom or kernel reboot your device and you will notice it is the same
* Now put off your device and connect it to the charger to charge
* Make sure the phone is not on while charging.
* Charge it for about one hour.
* Now reboot your device and touch should start working.
* It is possible that after some few hour or minute it stop working again - dont worry just  repeat the process again and you are goood to go.everything will start working normally again.
* If all this does not help pray your device is in debugging mode then try to flah stock rom via odin
* If all the above does not work,am afraid you have to visit samsung for repair or a good technician to help you change the screen and digitizer.

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Hi,we all have been longing for a rom that supports swap memory ever,since the developement started on galaxy pocket,Finally we have a kernel that suppots swap memory riskey kernel is the name and thanks to the developer for this good job.Before we start anything let me give a brief clarification on swap.
Swap is mostly use in the linux enviroment as a virtual memory that serves as an extended ram, so that there will be more ram for many application to run without running out of memory.The concept is a nice one, and since android is built on the  linux platform, android therefore have the capacity to make a swap memory as long as the particular kernel running on the device supports swap.
One of our developer have developed a kernel that supports swap memory on galaxy pocket device.Take a look at the steps below to make swap for your device
* A rooted device
* Riskey kernel(thanks to elasys dev for this kernel)you can see original page here
* Ram expander
* An sdcard on externel sdcard with about 500mb-1gb free space {i suggest you use the sdcard as it has more read/write speed than   most external_sd
* 5minutes of your time.
Procedures To Follow:
* Download  riskey kernel and flash directly in cwm
* Download Ram expander and install it.
* Open ram expander and you will notice two input box, the first one is "size in mb" put 512 mb or you can increase it to whatever number you want as long as you a have the required space in the sdcard(it should not be more than 2gig)
* Secondly you will see a box "swappiness"put 50 or 60.
* Now tick the "active swap"above and wait untill the application prepare the swap file.
* After this swap memory have now been created on your device.
* The screenshot below are just to show that it works on my device.
* Making swap file may degrade your sdcard life because the device frequently read and write to the sdcard
* Do this at your own risk

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Mystic rom is a new brand of rom and here are som of its features.
* Based on V2 Makdroid
* New Bootanimation
* New framework-res
* Best Management ram
* Sense 4.0 Launcher
* New DeskClock
* New Application of music
Installation Intructions:
* Place vm00 cwm recovery and Mystic v1 to the root of your sdcard
* Now boot to recovery mod then flash vm00 cwm first
* Now in cwm wipe data and cache
* Aftet that select 'install update from sdcard>>"Choose zip from sdcard"
* Now scroll to the Mustic v1.zip file and press the home button to flash
* Wait untill installation process complete
* Now wipe data and cache again then reboot system.
Take a look at some of screenshots

Credit goes to Mustafa a.k.a BaronTR for this rom
Applications added, removed and updated:
- Added new camera that takes photo with the volume button
- New status bar fully
- Transparency of 80% across the ROM
- Spectacular bootanimation
- New kernel added
- New function to hold the HOME button
- ADWLauncher EX
- Battery Calibrator (Removed for better performance)
- ICS Currency (the old one was removed)
- ICS Galery (Replaced by a new and without bug)
- Updated Gmail
- Holo Locker
- Updated Maps
- New application message transparency
- Google Music Play (Replaced with Pro Player)
- Clock JB (I removed all other watches)
- Root Explorer
- Superuser (updated)
- Titanium Backip (Removed)
- Youtube
All bug were removed, tested rom thoroughly and have not found even one bug.all icons have been changed and added Various improvements for the Ram


* Reflash your firmware to stock via odin
* Place vm00 cwm recovery and jellypocket v3 to the root of your sdcard
* Now boot to recovery mod then flash vm00 cwm first
* Now in cwm wipe data and cache
* Aftet that select 'install update from sdcard >>"Choose zip from sdcard"
* Now scroll to the jellypocket v3.zip file and press the home button to flash
* Wait untill installation process complete
* Now wipe data and cache again then reboot system.

* By: Uilton Lopes@worldgalaxypocket.blogspot.com
For bug report you can contact the developer@Email:ykyonfire@gmail.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/uiltonolopes
This app is very useful for devices with small ram as galaxy pocket.if you have a lot of app on your device then you would have experience fatal crashes at boot which continues for a long time until it finally boot up after several tries.The reason for this is because many app want to start at boot.Startup Manager aims at helping disable/enable startup items from system boot for Android devices including smartphones and tablets. To disable an item from system startup, uncheck the application from the list (recheck to restore and it will start again). For other item that do not start with system boot, please use "Customize" to add and enable it to start with system boot.
Supported languages: English, Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Russian.
User tab shows all the user applications that have restart function. You can uncheck them all to enhance system startup speed. Long tap an app name will give you access to enable/disable, read application info about, uninstall the app andvsearch the app in Android Market.
System tab shows all the system processes that start with system boot. Some processes may not
be necessary to start due to our using habits and preferences. Please uncheck these processes only if you know well about the effects of disabling them.
If you want to add a new item that does not startvwith device boot, Customize is the best choice.
Besides features above, from Startup Manager
Menu - settings you can also select if you want to calculate system startup time and disable system boot sound.
Note: For android 2.2 and higher OS non-rooted devices, some processes will restart themselves
right after being disabled.
Product Features:
- Master of Android system's startup entry management
- Intelligently analyze and monitor all system startup entries (include user applications and
system processes) in the background
- Safely disable any undesired application or process from auto-startup at device boot
- One click to view detailed properties for eachvstartup entry
- Disabled startup entries are stored for futurevrestoration
- Add your favorite applications (including 3rdvparty user apps or system apps) to system startup.
Download link:
* Direct download link

Monday, 11 March 2013

How to install it ?
1. Go to CWM
2. Backup ur rom via Nandroid
3. Wipe data
4. Mounts and storage - Format System*
5. Install zip from sd card
6. Choose the rom
7. Follow the instruction onscreen
8. Choose a kernel you want to install or just
continue to install CM
9. If there a checkbox says "do you want to
reboot xxxx".. just keep its unchecked bcuz if u
checked.. it will make ur phone freezez
10. Wait till finish & follow instruction on
11. Then via cwm.. Reboot system now.
12. Viola.. CM is installed in your phone.. (it
doesnt show the boot animation, but just wait..
first boot may take till 2 min, but after that just
15 sec)
Download :

Flash gapps: http://adf.ly/Ke9CB

I am writing this as a result of some guys who asked me to, and i noticed that it will be of great benefit to many, as well.
Most of us,i believe have alot of custom rom's zip files we kept somewhere so that we can always flash them whenever we want.Many times some custom rom comes with an some very useful apps like beats.apk and dsp manager.apk which alot of us will like to have on your stock rom or other custom rom who dont have it.Now am going to show you how to install them on your device.
Difficulty: Very easy
* Rooted android device
* A root explorer
* 1 minute of you time.
Steps To Follow:
* Firstly,you have to identify which rom has the application you need.
* After you know the rom and you have the zip file of that rom, open root explorer( i use ex xplorer for this tutorial)
* In ex exlorer navigate to where the zip file of the rom is kept.
* Click on the zip file once and you will get a pop up asking what app you want to use to open the zip file,select es zip viewer
* Now you should see a folder "System" click on it,and you will see another folder called "app",click on it once also to open it
* You should see a list of all application contained in that rom's zip file.
* Look at the upper bar of ex xplorer and click on the select button,it should bring a pop up like multi select ready.
* Now tap only the application you need,(notice that all apps you selected will be highlighted in green color.
* Now just beside the select button you press earlier at the upper bar on ex explore there is a button "extract" tap on it and a pop up will appear,just press ok and the selected apps get extracted.
* Go back to the folder where the rom's zip file was located,there will be a folder created named as the name of the rom you extracted from.you should see the apps you extracted now.
* Here,many of those app will not install simply because the are mod from another rom.So you will move or copy the to root of your device in this path system/app
* Close es xplorer and reopen it,Now you should see those app in the system/app of device.
* Finally set permission for each of the apps you pasted like the picture below.
* Reboot your device after that
* It will be more save to make a backup of you present rom before doing this.
* Follow instruction properly and bo problem will arise.

Sunday, 10 March 2013

The very popular blackstar rom has added another version to it self, the version 3 of black star rom is finally and its awesome.
* Fixed Mms timestamp
* Polished Statusbar
* Polished notifications layout
* New toggles images
* New Settings
* New Dialer
* New bootanimation
* Deleted Init.d (cause of some issues)
* Original Modifications searched/provided by PocketDevTeam and TeamBlackStar
* More battery fluid
* Deleted 6lockscreen
* Deleted Greeper.apk
* Deleted Bloatwares
* Deleted some files
And many more to explore
* Youtube.apk (cant sign in and cant update but you can play your videos)
Download link:
Blackstar v3.zip (mediafire)
Installation Procedures:
* Reflash your firmware to stock via odin,or if you have a backup of stock rom then restore it.
* Root your device and deodex it.
* place the blackstar rom v3 in the root of your sdcard.
* Also place vm00 cwm in the root of your sdcard if you dont have a permanent cwm recovery
* Now boot to cwm recovery and wipe data and cache.
* Select install zip from sdcard and then select choose zip from sdcard.
* Now you should see blackstar 3 that you placed in the sdcard,select it by pressing the home button and flash.
* Wait until installation completes and theb wipe data and cache again.
* Reboot your devices and enjoy(booting will take a longer time than usual,let's say 4-5minutes,so stay patient.
* Pocket Dev Team
* TeamBlackStar
* Mvs Saketh - For Modifications
* Muhammad Al`Bukhari - For some knowledgements
* Joma Derecho - For his assistance
*'Carl Dean Catabay - For His good Ideas and images.
* Wiping data will erase all installed applications,so make a back up before doing anything.
* I will not be responsible for any damage caused to your device as a result of flashing this rom.so do it at your own risk.