Monday, 18 March 2013

Hello everyone i have heard a lot of complaint  about touchscreen not working after flashing a rom or a kernel I think i might be able to help here because it did happend to me and the solution that will be provided here was what i used to correct it.Now it is functioning like it used to.

Firstly when your touch screen stops functioning there is more than one reason why it not working.

1) It may be that the touch and digitizer have worn out -  in this case all you can do is change the screen and digitizer.

2) Seconly it may be caused by battery,electricity or some software problem like kernel.

Today am going to focus on the second cause which is the software,electricity and battery issue.This issue sometimes render your touch not working at all while other times it works for few seconds and stop working fix this try the following steps below.

* If you flash a rom or kernel recently before it started having problem,reflash back to another rom or kernel
* After changing the rom or kernel reboot your device and you will notice it is the same
* Now put off your device and connect it to the charger to charge
* Make sure the phone is not on while charging.
* Charge it for about one hour.
* Now reboot your device and touch should start working.
* It is possible that after some few hour or minute it stop working again - dont worry just  repeat the process again and you are goood to go.everything will start working normally again.
* If all this does not help pray your device is in debugging mode then try to flah stock rom via odin
* If all the above does not work,am afraid you have to visit samsung for repair or a good technician to help you change the screen and digitizer.


  1. Which is best?
    2-hyperion 2x
    3-hyperion 8
    4-blackstar v3
    5-jellyrom v3
    6-others (specify)

    Somebody pls comment...
    Admin, trevor pls reply

  2. i prefer blackstar rom ,cz it's very stable than others....may be you've different opinion

  3. i have the same problem..... i did flash the stock rom but not working.... my touchscreen was automatically dead widout any accident.... i was using jellyblast v3... plz help wid new trick... i think its not hardware problem. so i dont want to meet technician..

  4. Helo, i have problem with my galaxy pocket. Sometimes en i Turn on the lock screen the touch will not work at all. I hav to wait like 10 mins to make it work. I havnt rooted the phone either. suggest me something..

  5. me to same problem :(


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