Tuesday, 26 March 2013

More locale 2 is a very helpful application for everyone who want other languages apart from the languages available in stock or custom rom. One more nice thing about the app is that it will work both on rooted and uprooted devices. Listed below are the languages that can be added with more locale
* Japanese (Japan)
* Dutch
* Spanish (United States)
* Estonian
* Russian
* English (United Kingdom)
* English (Philippines)
* Polish
* Portuguese (Portugal)
* Greek
* Norwegian bokmal
* Czech
* Indonesian (Indonesia)
* Kazakh
* Korean (South Korea)
* Malay (Malaysia)
* Serbian
* Italian
* Danish
* Icelandic
* Ukranian
* Slovak
* Slovania
* Macedonia
* Bulgarian
* French
* Swedish
* Chinese (Taiwan)
* Finnish
* German
* Thailand (Thailand)
* Irish
* Lithuanian
* Lativian
* English (United States)
* Hungarian
* Turkish
* Vietnamese (Vietnam)
* Romania
* Chinese (China)
* Crotian.

 Now those guys who want any of this language can download this app from Playstore free. To install any language, just open the app and select the language you want and that is all then the media scanner will run to finalize everything . If the language you want is not here sorry, or you can as well ask the developer of this app to add some more language you want


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