Monday, 11 March 2013

I am writing this as a result of some guys who asked me to, and i noticed that it will be of great benefit to many, as well.
Most of us,i believe have alot of custom rom's zip files we kept somewhere so that we can always flash them whenever we want.Many times some custom rom comes with an some very useful apps like beats.apk and dsp manager.apk which alot of us will like to have on your stock rom or other custom rom who dont have it.Now am going to show you how to install them on your device.
Difficulty: Very easy
* Rooted android device
* A root explorer
* 1 minute of you time.
Steps To Follow:
* Firstly,you have to identify which rom has the application you need.
* After you know the rom and you have the zip file of that rom, open root explorer( i use ex xplorer for this tutorial)
* In ex exlorer navigate to where the zip file of the rom is kept.
* Click on the zip file once and you will get a pop up asking what app you want to use to open the zip file,select es zip viewer
* Now you should see a folder "System" click on it,and you will see another folder called "app",click on it once also to open it
* You should see a list of all application contained in that rom's zip file.
* Look at the upper bar of ex xplorer and click on the select button,it should bring a pop up like multi select ready.
* Now tap only the application you need,(notice that all apps you selected will be highlighted in green color.
* Now just beside the select button you press earlier at the upper bar on ex explore there is a button "extract" tap on it and a pop up will appear,just press ok and the selected apps get extracted.
* Go back to the folder where the rom's zip file was located,there will be a folder created named as the name of the rom you extracted should see the apps you extracted now.
* Here,many of those app will not install simply because the are mod from another rom.So you will move or copy the to root of your device in this path system/app
* Close es xplorer and reopen it,Now you should see those app in the system/app of device.
* Finally set permission for each of the apps you pasted like the picture below.
* Reboot your device after that
* It will be more save to make a backup of you present rom before doing this.
* Follow instruction properly and bo problem will arise.


  1. Why i can't flash any ROM? Does it only deodex device for doing custom rom, Doesn't?
    I use XXLF5...thanks

  2. No need to follow such a cumbersome procedure.
    Simply extract the required app from the apps folder using 7-zip and transfer that file to mobile. Install it. Its as simple as that.


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