Thursday, 21 March 2013

Do you prefer to have stock rom instead of flashing different Custom Roms? If yes ,you should consider this becuse we all know that stock rom is the best rom in some ways like no bugs and it is very easy to navigate around.
This concept is from a galaxy pocket developer named william villanueva and below are some of the features
A modified SystemUI with:
* 14 toggles enabled (Working Flashlight)
* Centered Date mod.
* Ics Vibration , alarm , and silent mode ,icons
A modified Framework with:
* ICS gradient background for all applications
* Modified Loading icons
* Polished Font Size
* SGSIII stock battery images added (still 20% increment)
A modified Settings with:
* Toggles Shortcut Options Linked
A modified Stock app
Touchwiz30Launcher with:
* Disabled Page Numbering
A modified Dialer with:
* ICS theme
* A modified Mms with:
* 5 Skins Activated
* Modifed Png's inside With modified the icons of this applications:
* You can replace the bootanimation if you want because you can
* Enjoy having the best RAM when you clear it
*With a Storopia font
* Reflash to stock firmware via odin
* Deodex your rom and root it again
* Place vm00 cwm and the stock modification in the root of your sdcard
* Boot to recovery mod and select apply update from sdcard,flash the vm00 cwm
* Now your are in vm00cwm wipe data and cache then select install zip from sdcard
* Select choose zip from sdcard,now select the stock modification
* Wait untill process complete then wipe data and cache
* Reboot and you are done
Download link:
* Stock Modification v1


  1. Thanks admin I can you updated on other roms

  2. Phone hangs up at bootanimation.Poor show guys. U also doesn't tell about other things it supports only XXL5? This question arises as ur link to stock rom directs to XXL5.

    Grow up kids. Don just steal and post the things as such w/o testing yourself. Be responsible.

  3. Did you follow all admins instructions did you flash excatly as said above if you are in a bootloop you can go to recovery mode and restore nadroid backup if you did a backup or wipe data and cache or just reflash your stock rom using odin. And you can see screenshots the rom has been tested already.

  4. Those of you who want to flash xxlf5 here's the page about xxlf5 firmware

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  6. ola amigo sou brasileiro muito bom seu blog
    eu tentei fazer a modificação pra a stock deodex mas a deodex q tenho é pelo clockworkmod e da erro sera que podem me ajudar obrigado

  7. hello friend, I am Brazilian very good blog
    I tried to make the modification to the stock deodex but I deodex q is the clockworkmod and error will be required that can help me

  8. @ mateus custodio.pls i dont understand can you pls explain better.thanks

  9. I tried to install these modifications but not getting success
    and I am in doubt of what would be the problem and I guess its because the stock rom deodexada PRECIA that is at clokworkmod and by odin
    I'm right? this clear now?

  10. I cant install vm00. I says "E:Error in /tmp/sideload/ (Status 2) Installation aborted. What will I do?

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  12. Can anyone upload stock modification v1 for me pls. Above link is dead
    I need it

  13. update this link plz and also upadte root file link also both links are dead plz

  14. help pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez help me

    File Unavailable for Transfer

  15. File Unavailable for Transfer

  16. please fix the link

  17. Atualiza o link...

  18. Can you make a tutorial for eoxdex stock rom, please


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