Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Hello,it seems galaxy pocket is now getting the attention of developers.Gone were those times when galaxy pocket have no custom rom at all,but  now we've got quite some numbers of rom for our lovely little galaxy pocket.Today i will be sharing a rom called aspire rom.Thanks to adnanahmad1786 of xda developer for this rom.The rom is built from stock but boast of tangible numbers if features which includes;

1-Base on stock firmware
2-Holo launcher as default launcher
3-Jelly bean locker.
4-Ics icom
5-Remove useless app so as to make the device run faster
6-Added CM7 music player.
7-CM7 Camera
8-Photo widget
9-Galaxy s3 wallpaper
10-Pre rooted.

  Here Is How To Flash It On Your Device.
1-Place the rom v 0.1 into the root of your sd card
2-Boot to recovery mode
3-Click on apply update from your
SD card
4-click on the aspire rom you want flash.
5-wait for it to complete the proccess.
7-Wipe data
8- Wipe the partition
9-Reboot system
Download the rom v 0.1 from here

How to install update(v2)
1 Firstly install apire rom V0.1 2-then install the update through cwm.

2 wipe data and reboot system.
The change logs are listed below

1-New user interface
2-New themes.
Downlod aspire rom update(v2) from here then boot to recovery.

Do this at your own risk as i will not be liable for any damage caused as a result of flashing this rom on your device.


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    1. It should have,but am not sure as am not on aspire now.

  2. Can i install the rom if i have xxlf4 on my galaxy pocket


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