Thursday, 9 May 2013

Today we thought to come up with the apps for students. So we start here by Wolfram Alpha's apps for calculus and algebra.These apps are for Maths Lovers and also for those for whom math is monster. These apps have dedicated calculus and algebra Course Assistants.

By using these apps you can solve complex mathematical equations, including graphing and expanding polynomials.Each function features unique keyboard symbols depending on what you’re trying to do, whether it’s solve equations, graph them on an x/y plane, integrate functions, or even work with series. The apps even give you the relevant intermediate steps taken to reach the given result

The newly-released Android versions of the Calculus Course Assistant and Algebra Course Assistant will cost you $3.99 and $1.99, respectively.

Today we have started with a Paid App. We'll try our best to make a good collection of such apps here, at our beloved galaxypocketclub, and off-course with freebies on our priority. We want a support (in form of suggestions/feed backs) from students community to continue our initiative. 

Also this blog is an effort to cover every nook and corner of galaxy pocket, so queries related to other phones are not going to be entertained as that seems unfair. So for those friends who are searching for good suggestions and healthy discussions on large screen mobile phones,you can visit  here.


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