Sunday, 27 January 2013

Alex is your own personal assisstant fot your phone. Alex can chat to you, perform tasks for you and update your socialprofiles.
Some examples of what to say to Alex:
"Call John",
"Text Claire saying 'Hi there!'"
"Facebook 'I love Alex'"
"Tweet 'I love Alex'"
"Read messages"
"Search YouTube for 'Fenton'"
"Set alarm for quarter past 6"
"Remind me to pick up the shopping
tomorrow at 6 o'clock"
"Who is Michael Jackson?"
"What is 12 times 6"
"What is the weather in London?"
"Open Camera"
"Play Angry Birds"
"Switch on Bluetooth"
To see this list in the app, just ask "What can you do?" Alex uses the built in voice recognition service for your android devices. As the
settings of these can change, please say "Calibrate" to calibrate the sensitivity and sound effects for your device.
Download link:
*Playstore link
*Direct download


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