Saturday, 12 January 2013

This is a themed version of the stock gallery on galaxy pocket.This gallery applcstuon is of two variant,one with the blue theme and the other with a light purple theme.
Download link:
Gallery 3D Blue
Gallery 3D light purple
*Download apk file and rename to Gallery3D.apk
*Go to systems/apps and look for Gallery3D.apk,Make a backup of it and delete.making backup of the app is neccessary if you want the app again.
*Now move the downloaded Gallery3D.apk you renamed earlier to the system/apps.
*Set the permision to rw-r-r,by using a root explorer press and hold the application then press properties,from there you should find change permision(Check the last picture below for further clearification on the permision)
*Finally reboot your device and you are done.
Bellow are the screenshots for both variant.


  1. Thanks bro it works...
    But i forgot to change permissions...
    Does it make problm in future

    Can i chnge permission now??

    However it is working good

    1. No problem with that as your device already assign a permission for it

  2. I hv rooted,my fon 1 month ago..
    But i hv not installed any rom cuz i.dont know anything about roms..
    Plz,tell me about a rom that will highly customize the look of my sgp and how to install it..

  3. @ ŘŐŴÐÝ ÑĬŦĪŃ.scroll around this blog you will see a lot of roms you like just pic one at a time.i will be of help anytime you need help.

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