Saturday, 5 January 2013

This rom is from a developer named Paul Alday.

*Some apps changed some still stock
*new look
*new modded keyboard
hmm.. other features just discover it
yourself :
*Tweaks adrenaline engine
*Powered by vM00 awesome kernel
*there is more find the readme inside the zip or if the script works there should be a readme in your sdcard..


*Make sure your rom is deodexed
*Place Cd-rom alpha in the root of your sdcard
*Boot to cwn recovery mod
*Wipe data and cache in cwm
*Select install zip from sdcard
*Choose the you downloaded earlier.
*Wait untill process complete.
*Again wipe data and cache.
*Reboot and wait patienly for boot to complete(3 minutes)

This is just alpha version and it is in
testing stage for now.(updates coming)

*repencis makers

Note:Do it at your own risk as i will not be responsible for any damage that arise as a result of flashing this rom.Before flashing read instructions properly.


  1. Hello,

    Thanks for this ROM. Its looks nice, successfuly installed it.
    I like the CPU governer feature.
    One question what other cool feature it have?
    And this ROM is useful for battery saving or not?


    1. it comes with supercharger,zip aligned,battery saving.extended power menu,and lot more.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Custom ROM's neither drain battery nor they save it. I am saying this after experimenting with Galaxy Pocket for past 27 days. I have made it a simple basic phone after uninstalling the maximum possible apps and services ... even uninstalled the Google Services Framework (Packet Data still enabled) But the battery performance had no impact.... neither +ve nor -ve.

      Soon i m going to publish an article on this. Moreover whenever u download a custom rom zip file (to pc) set Boot-scan option (available in Avast Antivirus). You shall be surprised to see the results. Custom roms often comes with the injections of virus and spyware. Do it and see it yourself.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. may be they contain virus.... bt u ever check codeings of tht virus???? dont ever go to the things which u can easily see... becz sometimes it will be diffrent.... for example sometimes a original window iso file can detect as a virus by an antivirus program.... bt it is not..... so be practical. .. n think like a developer or programer....

  4. yaa offcourse. u r absolutely right. But i have written that after a good research on the concerned files in their respective ROM's and decoding the infection.( I don want to demoralize anyone by naming those infected roms). Not all the roms are injected. Many times developers also use third party automated tools for making CR's as it saves a lot of time. Thus there is a probability that they themselves are unaware of the infection being injected into their roms.

  5. at beginning it was fast, but after wards it gets too lagy, my pocket got slow down, very much..

    prob with rom....just flashed anotherone,...
    kindly update this rom...

  6. can I flash this directly from blackstar? it's deodexed already so i guess it will work?

  7. it says that it comes with vmoo kernel. just a question if i relflash my back up will i get my old stock kernel? i'm just worried to lose my kernel if i reflash back. pls reply admin

  8. Why is that "touch the android" at the beginning didn't respond? I can't pass through that :(

    1. You didn't deodex your rom before you flash it. Flash a Deodexed it may help.

  9. i flash it while i'm on blackstar rom. i repeat the tutorial but it's always like that. anyways i found custom rom called "Steel Blue Rom" can you post it here? it's on portuguese and i can't understand a thing so pls do translate it. thanks admin

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