Saturday, 26 January 2013

Mozilla has updated the build
system to start creating ARMv6 builds of Beta, Aurora, and Nightly.i have tested one of the builds below on galaxy pocket and it is working great,only that, sometimes it takes longer to load.

* These builds are ARMv6 ONLY!
* Supports Flash. v11/v10.3 recommended
* Fennec may currently only work for Android 2.2+ devices.
*If you receive the error "Secure
Connection Failed" with error code "sec_ error_no_memory", you must disable TLS support:
1. browse to about:config
2. search for "tls"
3. toggle "security.enable_tls" to false.
Below are download links to various builds.

Download links:
* Release 16.0.2 2012-10-31 LinaroOptimize .
* Beta 17.0 2012-10-31 Linaro Optimize.
* Aurora 18.0a2 2012-10-31 Linaro
* Nightly 19.0a1 2012-10-31 Linaro Optimize

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