Sunday, 13 January 2013

we all know asphalt, right
link apk mediafire
____ data 4share
step to install
1.extract and Paste data files 'asphalt5' to sdcard/Gameloft/Games/*here*. extract and Replace all this video in a5 file with Games videos (sdcard/Gameloft/Games/Asphalt 5). 
 3.go to chainfire 3d,'open default gl setting' 'reduce texture quality''use qualcom plugin' 'hide cf3d id'   
        3.Thats all install .apk and Enjoy the Game.
belong what you have done game will be fast or slow
I have no picture


  1. Replies
    1. Can u tell me how u installed it, please email me here, i'd apreciate it if u would tell me in details

  2. the apk link is not working..
    can u provide a correct link?
    thanks in advance....

  3. Admin can you explain to me in details how to install? I mean your installation guide above is so confusing or atleast i find it so confusing, how do i replace the videos u talking about?? Just explain that in details


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