Saturday, 26 January 2013

Travel back in time to the late 19th
century and get ready for spectacular adventures on land, sea and air together with the English daredevil Phileas Fogg and his loyal French servant
Passepourtout. Use the unique chance to visit four continents and complete the inconceivable journey to win the fantastic 20,000 pounds wager with this outstanding puzzler inspired by the
classic adventure novel of the same name
written by Jules Verne.
Adventure game with outstanding
storyline, beautiful animation and
challenging puzzles Extremely addictive gameplay with 81+ levels
Careful Android adaptation of game
levels High-quality colorful graphics and soundtrack .Marvelous adaptation of the Jules VerneVictorian travelogue Book a trip. It will be first class!
Download link: Playstore Link
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  1. where is direct link?

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