Friday, 4 January 2013

Here comes the hyperion project 2x that we all have been waiting for.If you install the hyperion project 1x you will agree with me that hyperion project , is one of the best rom for our device therefore you should be expecting more from this update.Thanks to the developer for his hard and consistent work Williams villanueva.

Hyperion Project Update (01/04/2013)

*Statusbar like Hyperion
*Swipe to remove notification
*Settings like Hyperion(with
Complete linked shortcuts)
*Dialer activity like hyperion 6lockscreen included,
*Flashlight in statusbar already fixed
font color adopted from real
Hyperion with few modifications
due to bug color,
*Now enjoy the unlimited sending of text messaging (Remove 10 recepient limit)
*Late receiver? Dont worry
text timestamp will be honest, it
Will note when the message was sent
*Sms layout like hyperion (EXCEPT
the text box)
*Youtube app fixed,
*Fm radio now included,
*Tweaks of hyperion are included
*So run you phone like running the real hyperion.

DOWNLOAD LINK:Hyperion project 2

*Now to avoid problems reflash your device to stock rom from odin.If you dont know how to go about it check here
*Place hyperion poject 2 on the root of sdcard.
*Boot into clockworkmod recovery with the 3 button com(power button+volume up+home button)
*Wipe data and cache
*Select install zip from sdcard.
*Now choose the hyperion project 2 you downloaded earlier.
*After selecting it,wait untill process complete.
*Wipe data and cache again after install(very important)
*Reboot,and wait for about 3-5minutes for it to reboot.

*William villanueva(developer on the rom)
*Dev team
*Carl dean cantabay
*Reck agatap
*Gene Edward reyes

Follow instruction properly you wont have problems.You can check hyperion 1 here


  1. Call settings forced close !

  2. That is a bug and the developer is working towards an update.

  3. @ kshay Shekade just minor bug and not much,

  4. keybord is not working on other apps it only work on messeges

    animation only one time appear after that it was not appearing in reboot

    setting>Core>Dev Tools>google login service force close

  5. no supercharger.if you want you can do that yourself.

  6. Lag in my phone..
    must wait 8+ seconds to see the boot animation..
    call settings fc
    View download in stock internet apps fc
    I hope sir william fix these bugs

  7. An update will be coming soon.

  8. when is coming update....?????????????

  9. I need it to support arabic language

    Other than that it's the best rom I found for the galaxy pocket

  10. awesome rom.. cant wait for new update..

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. Hey ADMIN..
    Please Change Defalt Launcher Other than Touchwiz or Change other version of TW30 ....
    It does'nt support icon arranging .....
    it supports icon arranging according Alphabetically ... so i don't like launcher ...
    But the rom is very best i like the rom .....
    and the update....

    Please change TW launcher.....

  13. Heey I tried flashing into this but I keep getting tmp/sideload/ (Status 2) Installation aborted. I already flashed to stock rom via Odin. I'm not sure what to do.. x.x

  14. @ Anonymous.make sure you wipe data and cache before flashing.if this does not work i sugest you redownload the file.thanks

  15. Do i need to flash hyperion 1x to use this

  16. guys,i clicked the link ODIN and i only downloaded the flasher is that the file?coz i will do this update for 2nd time,im a newbie and i dont know hot to do that flash..on my present update "MAK-DROID" qwerty is the only supported but i want the original it possible to be successfull if didn't do the flash??this hyperion 2x needs a CWM too??i already have CMW that i used to "MAK-DROID",is it ok if i use that for this hyperion 2x??i am thinking for what will i do for this hyperion 2x and i am thinking to;1st go to CMW mode,wipe data then(follow the instruction)update to hyperion 2x but how will do the " latest update for hyperion2x" it says that "just flash this update to hyperion 2x"...that means that i will do the flash like how to flash to the stock setting??

  17. i didn't follow the instruction and what happen is,my phone didn't open anymore..:) stuck on the loading mode "android" be careful,just follow the instruction given,don't risk your phone lime..hehehe..i want to learn how to do that flash..i skip to that instruction and looked what just happened to my phone..hehe

    1. Reflashing to stock is to ensure that everthing go on reflash your phone to stock you need to have a pc and samsung kies.Now open odin and boot your phone to download mode by pressing power+middle+volume down botton simualtaneously.Now you should be in download mode ,then press volume to continue.Now connect your device to odin then you will see a yellow colour inside the first box.tick only pda box and press pda to choose the extracted should be in md5 format.

  18. Why should i flash to stock rom

    1. you must flash stock rom before flashing hyperion 1 then flash hyperion 2,otherwise you end up in bootloop.

  19. admin, i didn't found any error on my update to 2x...those that mentioned above,i haven't encounter those yet..i want to update to 3x but when i update to 3x,my phone didn't open and all the apps just "force close" can you please post the step by step on how to flash???when i'm going to recovery,its not the CWM recovery...the font of CWM recovery is "blue" right?and the stock recovery the font is "red" and something "orange"??if im not mistaken...what i have done is..turn my phone off,press the "up+home+power" key and what appears is the stock recovery so,i have to update to CWM recovery..CWM recovery is all the same?then next step is "apply update from sd" then i choose the "update3x" i wipe data/cache before and after i install the "update3x" then that the right step?

    1. you dont need to wipe cache and data to install install zip from sdcard and choose zip from sdcard then flash direct.

  20. my phone is on stock rom since it was bought, so why do i need to flash stock rom again.

    1. Then skip that step.that step is only for those who are on custom rom.

  21. does it need xxlf5 firmware

  22. Do I need to flash hyperion 1 before I flash this hyperion 2

  23. Can I flash this rom directly on stock rom?

  24. Yes,but to be safer you can restore to stock before trying.

  25. arabic rtl support? coz i need this

  26. Is it working on XXLJ4?

    Then, to be sure, do i really dont need to flash 1x before flashing this?


  27. admin my sim card and sd card cnt be read by gt s 5302 after been updated what should i have to do???????
    reply asap

  28. same error is shown i e sideload status 7
    when i reboot my phone it is been updated but not showing the sd card and sim??????

  29. can i use chainfire 3d in this rom

  30. can i flash this rom directly from stock rom?


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