Thursday, 17 January 2013

If you already know this technique then this post is not for you,but if you dont know any means of taken screenshot on your device other than using some applications,then this is for you.
Taken screenshot on most android device have been with the aid of third party applications some of which require root access especially low end devices, and as a result a lot of people root their device solely for this.Should i say people neglected the inbuilt capability of android low end devices to take screenshot or just prefer third party apps to do it for them? In my opinion i will choose to say, this feature is to some extent an hidden or not too popular.To take screenshots on your device without  root access or the help of application all you need to do is:
*Press and hold the home key for 1secs and immediately press the power button after a vibrate release both button,then your  current page will be snapped
*You can find your screenshot in sdcard/ScreenCapture

You have to press the home button for atmost 1sec(before task manager comes up)then press the power button almost simultaneously and after a vibrate release the butons immediately.
If you use a galaxy pocket it works.


  1. Its a very old and basic trick in maximum android phones. Also the latest post about VM00 kernel is not a latest info. Admin dont provide here stale info.

    1. Nice to see that experts like you also visit this sweet blog. But for your kind info this blog is for informative purpose which is aimed to provide all SGP related at one place. So there is no question of being stale or fresh here.


  2. @Fransis Sibin.The fact that you already know this and that it is stale does not mean everyone else knows it's likewise. And as for the vm00 kernel post,i cannot see where I wrote latest kernel as oppose to what you said , I only compile all kernel and Cwm together for easy access. Anyways thanks.

  3. always takes screen shot task manager

  4. works...

  5. small change in the above blog note.."just release the power button alone.. not release the both simultaneously"


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