Monday, 4 February 2013

In Ninja Feet of Fury you face the final challenge to become a full ninja. Face the perils of the bamboo
forest. As the player runs through the many challenges of the forest they need to collect as many
coins as possible while staying on the trail. They can use these collected coins to unlock power-ups.
These power-ups give the player amazing abilities.
- Let you inner ninja come out.
- Timing does matter - earn bonus multipliers based off timing
- Dodge, duck, and jump over obstacles
- Integrated tap ability – use tap to swing and wall-
run over dangerous spike pits
- Multiple characters – Unlock different ninjas
- Variety of Power-ups – these abilities help you get
past obstacles and boost your score
- Facebook integration – out run your friends scores
and let them know you rock
- Twitter and Facebook support – out run your
friends scores and let them know you rock

Download link:
Ninja Feet of Fury Apk
Note that this app requires root access, because you need chainfire to play. And your chainfire should be set like this
1) Reduce texture quality and size
2) Use qualcomm plugin.
3)Install and play.


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