Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Some guys requested this so i decided to post it.

Enjoy the most immersive full-3D crime simulation ever on smartphone! Gangstar: Miami
Vindication has a new, unique feel that delivers a deep storyline of revenge: plunge into Miami gang
life and live a fast-paced adventure to liberate your little brother who has been kidnapped by the Armada gang for unknown reasons…
* A long lifespan, far beyond the typical smartphone game, with more than 75 varied
missions: infiltrate gangs, snipe enemies, escort witnesses, chase cars and survive the jungle of
* An amazing reconstruction of an entire sprawling metropolis with a massive open-ended environment that recreates Miami, including
Downtown, Miami Beach, The Harbor, Miami Bay, and The Swamps.
* New amazing vehicles to drive, from regular cars & motorcycles to boats, jet skis and even a
* Defeat rival gang members by using a new arsenal of weapons including grenades, flame
throwers and Molotov cocktails. See just how it feels to blow out Miami!
* A deep storyline of revenge: the scenario was jointly written with a scriptwriter from the popular
TV show, “The Wire” and is delivered by countless
breathtaking, voice acted cutscenes.
* A true feeling of freedom: complete missions at your own pace and do absolutely anything you want, by day or by night.
* Radio stations broadcast popular songs from famous hip-hop, rock and electro artists, including artists from the famous Ninja Tunes label.

Download link:
* Qvga apk
* Data

* Download apk abd install
* Download and extract data file to sd/gameloft/games/*here/
* Now open chainfire and reduce texture quality and size,then use qualcomm plugin.
*Now open game and play.
The game shows character flat meaning the player is short and every other obeject in the game,but it is playable.


  1. Thanks for completing my request

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  3. Hello.bro...
    In chainfire "per app openGL setting " function not working but default openGL setting is working good.....
    what to do

    1. use default open gl settings and reduce texture quality and size ,then choose Qualcomm plug ins .

  4. а че экран впадлу исправить или вам по кайфу играть хуй пойми во что,изображение пиздец какое хуевое!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. ебать вы долбоебы сраные ))))нахуя такое дерьмо кривое выкладывать?????????? идиоты блять!!!!!!!!!

  6. вы бы бляди хоть бы проверили сначала эту хуету сраную....

  7. The app is force closing what to dol...

  8. The game is not downloading
    every time i start download download unsuccessful msg appear

    plx hlp me what to do
    l really want to.play this game

    1. try to use a download manager, like "flashget". (Search in google, install, restart pc) now try to download the file on zippyshare (make sure that the download manager is opened),

      Now go to flashget and click on downloading, you should see the download started, you can now continue your download if it stops before 100%. (by clicking on tha start/pause symbol on flashget)

      If the download do not start from flashget but on internet explorer. Rightclick on the zippishare link and select "download with flashget".

      Do not forget to set the folder of finished downloads by rightclicking on the "finished" tab on flashget so you can retrieve the downloaded file.

      Hope that helps.

  9. Hi,

    The apk file couldn't install (says "Application not installed") on a rooted pocket with SU, official android 2.3.7 ROM. there is another one that had this issue so I think that the apk isn't QVGA compatible?


  10. can i do this chainfire like other trick on other app in unroot tab

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