Tuesday, 12 February 2013

One person trying all his best to get cyanogen mod 7 working for our galaxy pocket is adnan,this guy definetely needs an applause.
  Although not all thing are working on this update,but some bugs have been fixed.

What is working:
* Shows battery bar..
* Shows signal strength..
* Detects usb...
* Back button works..
* Shows date and time correctly..
* Sounds..

* Bluetooth force close
* Wifi not working
* Sd card not detected..
* Unable to make calls...(getting error - mobile network not available)
* Camera..
* lockscreen..

Download cyanogen build 2

*You must be on build 1before you use build 2
* Install cyanogen mod build 1,
Check here to see how to flash build 1.
* Then install build 2
* Done

* Adnanahmad1786 check original thread on xda
* keshav1492 For testing

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  1. wow nice to know that there's a development for cyanogenmod on our pocket.


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