Friday, 1 February 2013

Talk with your friends via Facebook chat.Send photos, voice notes and more! Go!Chat for Facebook lets you talk with your friends via Facebook chat Rated by users as the best Facebook chat experience for Android. Pro exclusive features:
  • NO ADS!
  • Exclusive and improved
  • landscape layout for chat window
  • Ignore/mute contacts
  • Easy & Secure Facebook chat login
  • Nice UI
  • Optimized landscape layouts Smileys
  • Facebook groups
  • Favorites notifications
  • Friend alias
  • Share images and location
  • Send video, photos and voice notes over Facebook chat
  • Swap conversations with gestures
  • Homescreen Widget
  • List and search all your facebook contacts, even those who are offline (optional, set in app preferences)
  • Access Facebook profile right from Facebook website or Facebook official app
  • Send messages even when the other contact turns offline.
  • Messages will be delivered to their facebook messages inbox!
  • No additional fees, it only uses your internet data connection or WiFi.
What's in this version : (Updated : Jan 31, 2013) Added devil theme: Red, black, evil! Inbox sync: no matter where you were chatting before opening Go!Chat, your last messages will magically appear. Messages received while disconnected are automatically received after reconnecting. Fixed bug that could make some of your messages weren't correctly sent Reduced APK size Lots of bug fixes everywhere

Download links:
Playstore link
Direct download

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