Friday, 8 February 2013

* Supports Android 2.2 a.k.a. Froyo onwards
* Designed for minimal memory usage
* Lightweight and stable
* 1 to 7 screens configurable
* Default screen configurable
* Screen looping (on / off)
* Elastic (overshoot) screen scrolling
* Screen indicator (slider or dots)
* Screen content grid configurable (rows / columns)
* Screen wallpaper scrolling (on / off)
* Screen pinch previews
* Screen icon labels can be hidden
* Screen widget size spanning configurable
* Custom shortcut selector colours
* Endless drag 'n drop arrangable scrollable dock
* Dock default backgrounds
* Dock item alignment (start, center, end)
* Dock item spacing (small, medium, large)
* Dock item reset (start, center, end)
* Apps grid horizontal paging or vertical scrolling
* Apps grid rows / columns configurable
* Apps grid transparency configurable
* Apps grid animation (on / off)
Apps grid remember position (on / off)
* Apps grid uninstall mode
Configurable screen action bindings (swipe up, swipe down, double tap, home button)
Available action bindings:
-Open applications
-Move to default screen
-Expand notifications
-Screen previews
-Toggle fullscreen mode
-Open dialer
* Sensor rotation for portrait / landscape
* Apps grid shorcut icon available as shortcut on screen or in dock
* Long hold any app shortcut over trashcan to uninstall app
* Live wallpaper support
Fullscreen mode

Download link:Zeam launcher v3.1.10

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