Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Jelly pocket is a custom rom based on stock rom and somethings were added from dark ries rom.The developer of this rom is uilton lopez,all credits goes to him.
The Following Applications were added and updated:
- ADWLauncher EX
- Battery Calibrator
- ICS Currency (the old one was removed)
- ICS Galery (the old one was removed)
- Updated Gmail
- Holo Locker
- Updated Maps
- Google Music Play (removed the standard player)
- Clock JB (I removed all other clocks)
- Root Explorer
- Superuser (updated)
- Titanium Backup
- Youtube
All icons were changed and
added various improvements
* Place pocket jelly rom in the root of your sdcard
* Now boot to cwm recovery
* Wipe data and cache
* Select install zip from sdcard
* Select choose zip from sdcard
* Select the pocket jelly and wait untill installation completes
* After installation is complete reboot system and wait for device to boot(takes 2/3minutes to boot)
Download pocket jelly rom v1.0
To add velocity tweak this rom flash this zip file,through cwm after installing this rom.


  1. PLZ HELP ME!!!! iam pocket user!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i downloaded many apk ...some were apk i downloaded....and wen i tried to install error come saying APPLICATION NOT INSTALLED......
    iam even havin lots of internal memory...........
    is der any solution for unrooted pocket .....plz rply

  2. it not support armv6 bro.

  3. is the same as worldgalaxypocket?

  4. Please add dead trigger and captain america.

  5. I ask that you put the credits to the creator of ROM and the Galaxy Pocket World Blog is the blog where I belong, and from which you copied. I look back!

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