Thursday, 14 February 2013

iSense Music is music player with a cool 3D user interface(Supports Android 2.2+). Experience a stylish way of browsing your music with 3D floating album arts.
Recent Changes:
* Tag Editor for editing single/multiple songs’ information
* Added Star Rating Feature(rate all songs in the list at once)
iSense Music is a 3D Music Player like iPhone Music Player, Sense Music Player, Google Play Music, iPod Music Player, Coverflow Music Player etc but differs from all of them a lot.
Key Features:-
* Supports 3D themes, 4 themes
preinstalled, more themes released
* Fast Scroll feature to quickly scroll through floating album arts.
* Supports beautiful user interface skins.
* Browse and play your music by albums,
artists, folders, playlists, genres, songs, more advanced browsing like albums of particular artist & genre, and albums sorted by artist names.
* Equalizer for Android 2.3+ ( working for all devices except a few, where system denies equalizer permissions ).
* Stylish Lockscreen with a 3D widget and slide to unlock feature.
* ID3 Tag Editor for editing single/multiple songs’ information
* Star Rating Feature(rate all songs in the list at once)
* Swipe Gestures on Lockscreen
Thumbnail(Swipe - Next & Prev, Tap -Pause/Play )
* Drag enabled menu.
* Different playlist sorting algorithm better than any used(from what I have seen) in any android application.
* Supports Album Art Utility App as Add- On which allows you to manually pick your preferred album artwork for not only
your albums but also for your artists, folders, playlists, genres and songs, from the Internet, the Gallery app and Existing album arts.
* Many other features you will find out.
Note: On first launch of iSense Music the album art caching process will start and
will take some time to finish(depends on number of albums on device).
3D Carousel Guide:
* Touch on center most album art to open song list.
* Long press on center most album art to open options.
* Touch any album art to scroll it to the center.
* Swipe left-right to scroll through the carousel.
* Touch and swipe left-right on Fastscrollm bar to quickly scroll through carousel.
* Playstore link
* Direct Download link


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