Friday, 1 February 2013

Full featured and fast HDR camera for Android:
Real life scenes often have a wide range of light intensity, which cannot be captured by a camera. In a photo of such a scene the bright areas look washed out and everything in shadows is pictured as a black spot with no details. The HDR technique allows you to capture details in
bright and dark areas and have them merged in a single photo.
Full resolution
Real HDR: exposure bracketing and tone mapping
* Simple: take a HDR image in one tap
* HDR images fused and tone mapped on device within seconds
* Hand shake compensation, no need to be rock-solid while shooting
* Correct handling of moving objects, de- ghosting
* You can control tone-mapping
parameters: contrast, micro-contrast, color vividness, exposure
* Save original exposure bracketed images
* Location tagging
* Shutter sound can be muted (not on all models)
* Support for Flash on/off/auto

What's in this version : (Updated : Jan 29, 2013)Thumbnail behavior fixes Image processing enhancements

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Direct download


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