Saturday, 2 February 2013

Use SayIt, along with its widgets, to
quickly and easily launch all of your apps.
SayIt is not a general purpose voice
command system or a personal assistant..It's designed to do one thing, and do it better than the rest. Simply place the SayIt icon on your home screen or lock screen,.tap it, and say the name of an app you
want to launch. In addition to launching apps through.voice command, SayIt provides widgets
that allow you to start applications by touch or by voice. Each widget is self organizing: they learn which applications
you use most often and order them
accordingly. The first widget is similar to the Google search bar. Click the icon on the left to bring up the self organizing app grid or click the icon on the right to launch
applications by voice. The second widget is a dock (similar to what you might see on a laptop or desktop) that displays a scrollable list of apps and also allows you
to start applications by voice. With SayIt, your favorite apps are always within reach!
* Quickly voice launch applications.
* Use SayIt on your lock screen if you have a newer device from Samsung, LG or HTC that supports lock screen shortcuts.
* Can also be added to popular 3rd party lock screens from the Play Store.
Download links:
* Playstore link
* Direct download


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