Thursday, 14 March 2013

This app is very useful for devices with small ram as galaxy pocket.if you have a lot of app on your device then you would have experience fatal crashes at boot which continues for a long time until it finally boot up after several tries.The reason for this is because many app want to start at boot.Startup Manager aims at helping disable/enable startup items from system boot for Android devices including smartphones and tablets. To disable an item from system startup, uncheck the application from the list (recheck to restore and it will start again). For other item that do not start with system boot, please use "Customize" to add and enable it to start with system boot.
Supported languages: English, Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Russian.
User tab shows all the user applications that have restart function. You can uncheck them all to enhance system startup speed. Long tap an app name will give you access to enable/disable, read application info about, uninstall the app andvsearch the app in Android Market.
System tab shows all the system processes that start with system boot. Some processes may not
be necessary to start due to our using habits and preferences. Please uncheck these processes only if you know well about the effects of disabling them.
If you want to add a new item that does not startvwith device boot, Customize is the best choice.
Besides features above, from Startup Manager
Menu - settings you can also select if you want to calculate system startup time and disable system boot sound.
Note: For android 2.2 and higher OS non-rooted devices, some processes will restart themselves
right after being disabled.
Product Features:
- Master of Android system's startup entry management
- Intelligently analyze and monitor all system startup entries (include user applications and
system processes) in the background
- Safely disable any undesired application or process from auto-startup at device boot
- One click to view detailed properties for eachvstartup entry
- Disabled startup entries are stored for futurevrestoration
- Add your favorite applications (including 3rdvparty user apps or system apps) to system startup.
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