Sunday, 18 November 2012

If you you have alot of gameloft games on your galaxy pocket ,you would have almost exhaust your sd card space,but here comes the good can move your gameloft game data to your external_sd to free up space for other things in your sdcard with this application called gl2sd.follow the instruction below to get it started
1 Download gl2sd
2 Install the apk(requires root access
3 Create a folder "games" in your external_sd
4 Now move all gameloft data file folder inside the games folder you created on your external_sd
5 Open your gl2sd a pop will come up asking to move data just tick cancle.then you shold be able to see your gameloft games logo
6 Now clik on the mount button on the upper part of the screen and the application will mount your data by linking your games to the external sd
7 Press the option button on the same page some option will come up from the button of the "exit" button.then you are done .
This can  also move some non gameloft games to the extenal sd,games like fifa 10,ranging thunder.
To do that press your option button on your phone then click settings and tick "sdcard/data" in the add mounted folder.


  1. Hey man . Can u show me somes game for pocket . I have installed the nova but there is nothing runing . My pocket have chanefire aldready

  2. Can you give me a detailed description so that i can help you the way it happen or the message yoy get.

  3. pls i need. urgent help.any time i try to install a certain app it normally write application nt installed.plz i need ur help on that.


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