Tuesday, 20 November 2012

I will be sharing how to install and use adobe flash player 11 (the latest flash player) on galaxy pocket.but before i go into that,we all know that galaxy pocket does not support flash player, because, it is a low end device and majorly because it is an  armv6 type proccessor.Flash player generally do not work for armv6 because playing flash content requires large resource(ram and proccessor) which any armv6 device technically do not have.let me say we all know what a flash player do,if not flash players,simply allows you to play flash content (videos and games) in most cases.

*You need to be rooted because,we are going to be copying some files to a root folder in the system folder.If you are not rooted check here to see how to root your galaxy pocket.
*A root file browser browser like astro file manager or es explorer.
*The to files listed below and 2 mintues of your precious time.

*Download flash player 11 apk here
*Download the lib.zip here.
*Install the apk file but don't open
*Now use a root explore(you need to  
 be rooted)go to  the root of your   phone "data/data/com.adobe.flashplayer".
*Inside the com.adobe.flashplayer you will see 4 files delete them all.
*Now extract the lib.zip file you downloaded earlier.you should get 2 files in it.
*Now move the two files you extracted to data/data/com.adobe.flashplayer folder
*press and hold the files(3 sec) one after the other,an option will pop up click on propeties.
*(very important)click on change.now you will tick the botton like the picture below after that press ok then you are done.Do this for both files.
*Reboot your device and you are good to start playing flash videos and games.

*Dont change anything else apart from what i have explained above.
*Tested and works well on stock browser,dolphin and uc browser.
*Working perfectly on makdroid roms.Although, i have not tried it on other roms but i believe it will work nicely on other roms too.
*You can post you experience after you have installed it ,or if you have any difficulty while installing


  1. in the above picture , u must chek them all flash player will be play ok , i have been tried by ur way but it didn't done . by the way , the attachments file wont effect admin posted . visitting XDA , galaxy pocket dev for more informations . ( english not fluent, im from vn )

  2. Hey man mount as rw on your file explorer then follow my guide.its working for me on stock browser dolphin and uc browser.

  3. Yes . I ve followed ur guilde . It wasnt working . I have been tried very very times . It same . I visited xda . And followed another member guild . It working . Up to now . Im using dolphin with flashplayer but there is bug . It show " flashplayer not optimizer for mobile device " i think u know this message too . Bc pocket is not made for flashplayer

  4. Make sure you mount as rw before changing permission of those files,also.make sure they are in data/dat/com.adobe.flasplayer something like that

  5. yes yes , sure sure . i used root explore , and mount as read/write , make sure direct is correct , i think problem from your files , ex the flashplayer 11 and change permission . i use dolphin , but flash not smooth .

  6. testing on OperaMobile12.1

    flash version 10.1 or greater is required/you have no flash plugin installed (((

    1. Then its not working for you.i wil give link to another lib file soon,then it should work

  7. didnt work for me.. because a flash video from jmetube dot com didnt played XD

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    1. i dont motherfucking care a'ight?

  9. How do I Change the properties.
    I have not rooted.

  10. does it work with custom Roms ? I have Repencis installed on My G.Pocket and flash doesn't work :-s please help :'(

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  15. i'm stock here:

    (very important)click on change.now you will tick the botton like the picture below after that press ok then you are done.Do this for both files. when i press the file Option pops up. i can't find that change thing. all i can see is:

    Open with
    Add Bookmark
    View as text
    Open in Text Editor
    Zip this File
    Create Tar
    Change Owner
    Create shortcut
    Link to this file.

    That's all. Please Help ! I want to play HD games on my pocket Badly !! XD
    Thanks for the immediate response !

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  18. i have flash player 11.0 and it works fine in my samsung galaxy pocket.. using uc browser and stock browser.. my rom is jellypocket..

  19. Dude, adfly is now blocked in India.
    So just give the direct link for ur users...
    (I just wanna let you know)

  20. i'e tried moving the two files found in the lip.zip to com.adobeflash but its not working and even when i presss and hold,properties doest show in the options

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