Monday, 24 December 2012

Alot of you guys alredy know this application,but am still posting it here because there are still some guys  who dont know what it is all about.Okay now,this application is called shoot me and probably you.might be wondering what it is used for,let me help you out here,it is use to take a snapshot of you can capture any thing as long as it is showing on your can capture a particular moment while playing games.watching a movie and so many other stuffs.Yes yes there lot of other similar application that can do that also but,shoot me has this particular feature which i love very much,and that is it can snap a sreen shoot by either shaking your device or by shouting at it.You can choose any one amognst the two as it suits you.
Download link-Shoot me 0.8.1.
Just download and install,then you will figure out the rest inside the app as it is easy to start up.
Merry  Chrismas every one.Enjoy

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  1. does it take videos cause i need a app tht does it is quite urgent


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