Tuesday, 4 December 2012

This is another rom from another developer brijeshep of xda.pocket ginger is the name of this rom and it is based on S5300 DDLI1.

*Holo Launcher
*14 toggles status bar
*Battery bar in percent
*Built in cwm recovery
*New askhara unicode font supports india languages
*Battery charging animation in status bar
*18 built-in wallpapers
*Updated list of ringtones and alarm sounds
*Several build.prop tweak added
*My files replaced with es xplorer
*Google playstore v.3.10.9
*Google play music v.4.4.811
*Google maps v.6.12.0
*YouTube v.4.1.47
*Jorte calender v.1.4.12

Download Pocket Ginger from dropbox

*Power off your device
*Boot to cwm recovery,
*Make a nadroid backup of your current rom
*Wipe data and cache
*Select install zip from sdcard,and choose zip fom sdcard
*Select ginger pocket.zip you downloaded earlier and wait for the installation to complete.
*After completion reboot yor device and wait because it will take time to boot up.
*Enjoy your rom.

*The flash light option in status bar is not working.
*This rom is only for galaxy pocket
*If your baseband version is not from DDLI1, make a nandroid backup incase things did not go well.
*Below are screenshots from the rom


  1. Replies
    1. It should work, but I have no tried it on DXLF2.

  2. Its totally a bull-shit copy of Makdroid-3 with little bit changes. Even the bugs are also exactly same. Some stupid fellow made some changes and gave it a name Pocket Ginger. STUPIDS

    1. Hey man try to be respectful of some one's work, if you don't like the rom fine. But it's not good to call someone else work stupid

    2. yaa off-course. But the persons who post here such stuff under the name of development should also be respectful to the newbies who follow and believe their work blindly. By re-posting the efforts of some one under our own name by making few changes is also not a sensible as well as ethical.

    3. As you can see,i dont develop rom i only post them,and i dont think i have done wrong by doing that.

    4. No, u haven't done anything wrong. In fact u r doing a good job. I haven't said anything to u. I was just talking of the person who claimed to develop a new rom. Just cheer up. I like ur blog very much. Keep it up :)

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  4. did this rom request to root device ??

    1. Yes, you need to root your device to flash any rom.

    2. No u r wrong here dear. Its not a must that ur device should be rooted prior to flashing a new rom. There r roms which are pre-rooted.

    3. Thanks,what of flashing through cwm

    4. CWM w/o root is not a big issue. U can easily update stock recovery to cwm. After that i don think there should be any prob in flashing a custom rom.

  5. admin why when i install the blue jelly revenge and i change it to pocket ginger and then back to blue jelly again, its not working what can i do...reply please thanks..

  6. Touch wiz 5 Rom Galaxy Pocket

  7. it can work in dxlk1??


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