Monday, 9 June 2014

Hello friends !

It was our great pleasure to serve you the best possible since the time of  Samsung Galaxy Pocket launch. All the credit goes to Abiodun OYEBANJI as a originator and founder of this lovely blog. Just want to share with you that once it was highest searched blog for galaxy pocket users. We are thankful to all of you for showering your love for this blog. 

With the passage of time, technology is changing at a rapid phase. Now there is a bombardment of mobile phone models with everyday launching of new models and brands. Most of the followers of this blog  might have shifted to other brands or models. So keeping such points in mind, we are again here to serve you, but at different address, at

Author of mobileswhisper, named Sibin Fransis,  is tech savy guy and putting his good efforts there. Soon or later we'll also join him to assist him. That blog is not focused to any single mobile phone. It is a very general platform for all mobile lovers. 

So friends just cheer up and enjoy ! Shower your love and never ending support.

And ooh most important thing... If you like the blog and work of guy there, please do click the ads (advertisements) there on blog because it is the best way to appreciate any blogger's efforts. Otherwise after some time, even the best blog, becomes dead. So let us support him by clicking maximum ads there.   





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