Thursday, 5 July 2012

Viewing this site means you got a galaxy pocket or equivalent device.anyway,Welcome guys, i thought it will be nice to have a place where  galaxy pocket users can get specific information about our device(i mean the galaxy pocket gt s5300)like any other phone of its kind.but before i start blogging about anything serious, we need to take our time to know exactly what kind of device we are holding.So firstly i will list some important specification of the device.

1.Galaxy pocket is qvga phone i.e it has a qvga resolution(240*320) this will be very helpful when downloading hd games because if you download any game other than qvga  resolution or size on the pocket it will not fit properly on the screen,so there is a need to always keep dis in mind whenever you are looking 4 games to download.

2.This device is an armv6 type processor device which is also very helpful when sorting 4 games and application online because,not all games are compartible with all kind of processor type.

3.Gt 5300 does not have a gpu (graphics processing unit) like some other armv6 phones too e.g the galaxy y.The gpu  helps a lot in playing 3d games, but,with some tweaking you can get some 3d games working perfectly on your device.

This is all i will be listing for now, more tweak like rooting and even flashing custom roms  will be coming very soon,you can inform you friends about this blog, many great thing are coming very soon.thanks


  1. lolz...without gpu u cannot play any game....our sgp has videocore IV gpu

  2. @sahitya raju.I what I meant was our device does not have a dedicated GPU.And I never said without GPU you cannot not play any game as you have claimed.get your facts right' man

  3. what???without gpu u cannot play games.u said our sgp has no gpu.if u think so stop posting games links here

    1. hey do you even read my post properly or do you just want to critize me.i want you to point out where i said "without gpu you cannot play games".What i said was without gpu you cannot play hd(3d).and if its that you are against point out one 3d(hd) game that run on galaxy pocket without using chainfire or optimizing.we can be friends dont let us make issue out of a simple friend lol.

  4. Hey im new to this site.How can i get my phone to speed up like u guys do,with some rom expand and stuff,My phone is getting slow ,any help would be great!!!


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